Monday, September 1, 2014

Making a submarine (1) ...

I'm making something a little different, sparked by possible story lines on the Somewhere in England blog. This time a submarine !

The submarine is to be generic, so could be shown in use by either side - for story line posts or game posts (attack on submarine in dock ...)

Off to the scraps box (card, sprue and plasticard) to make a conning tower and simple deck gun, shown here with some 1/72 figs.

I marked out a base hull outline on some 3mm MDF and cut it out, trying out the placement of the conning tower and deck gun.
Overall length is 20", a smaller one used for coastal actions.


  1. Brillliant, could be used in a number of skirmish scenarios.

  2. Excellent - and a very practical piece of equipment. In fact so good is the design, you have given me the idea how to make such maritime beasties for my own 'Jono's World' navies...

  3. Excellent work ,well done.The model looks great.

  4. Simply, yet effective - brilliant! Why do I keep thinking, "The land that time forgot"?

    1. I had the same idea when thinking of games and scenarios to use it in