Saturday, February 13, 2016

Airfield buildings - work in progress

I've had one of those days when making things takes off and all comes together.  Today I worked on some basic neutral airfield buildings for WW2,  making a basic control tower and two low relief hangars

I found some free downloadable PDFs here - - one of which was a control tower, I printed out a couple of them and made up the following, improvising the hand rail with cardboard and a spare piece of plastic ladder.

For the hangars, I made up something similar to the Bellman Hangar. They have a foamboard shell with cardboard roof, cardboard doors and runners. I modelled one with a door part open.

All of these will be painted up and used in story line posts with other suitable buildings and accessories; either on this blog for a german airfield or a british one on Somewhere in England.

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  1. Useful pieces of kit. I've been thinking of building something along these lines myself...