Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Commandos in Kayaks -- Operation Hancock - Port Dimette - Normandy

The harbour at Port Dimette in Normandy .... the german harbour patrol prepare for nights work...

Approaching under the cover of darkness are four commando kayaks under the command of Major Jeremy Fellowes - objectives to mine as many ships and key parts of facilities as possible. 


! the game runs under cover of darkness with suitable spotting rules etc 

- have left photos in normal lighting for simplicity

just imagine it is dark !

Two of the kayaks move up one side of the harbour....

as the other two head towards the main dock area... the patrol boat is on the move towards an alarm lamp waved and shot fired over by the fuel terminal.
The patrol boat moves onwards while a second patrol boat (a tug) moves out following an alarm lamp waved and shot fired in the vicinity of the ship moored in the centre of the harbour
The patrol boat spots a kayak by one of the ships with it search light and opens fire with its LMGs, 
both commandos are killed and the kayak sinks low in the water...
The patrol boat then moves on towards the fuel terminal, but notices another kayak by a large fishing boat...in the light of the searchlight the LMGs fire ...
again both commandos are killed ... the other patrol boat had found nothing and has reached the fuel terminal
Meanwhile the other two kayaks have reached the dockside un-detected and start fixing mines ...
The other patrol boat moves to search the corner of the dock - sees something shots are fired (one hits one of the commandos), as this patrol boat manouvres it loses sight of the kayak ...

The two remaining kayaks move slowly out of the harbour, the harbour patrol boat sees a kayak and opens fire (one commando is wounded) ...
and then loses sight of the kayak in the darkness going past it ....
the patrol boats sweep around towards the fuel terminal as the kayaks make their way slowly to safety...


Before the germans could organise a check for mines on the ships .... they go off ! Boom !...  damage:

The oil terminal jetty (with two mines attached, 8 damage points) is severely damaged,  a nearby worker rushes quickly to isolate and secure the system.

The three smaller freight ships 
  • the two by the dock - no damage (1 mine, 0 damage points), minor damage slight leak, fixable (2 mines, 6 damage points), 
  • the ship moored in the middle of the harbour (2mines, 8 damage points) severely damaged and taking water, will probably sink
The large freight ship docked by the warehouses , kerboom !! blows up and sinks (4 mines attached, 20 damage points) - the explosion causing some blast damage to the warehouses. 

Rules used

a copy of the quickly written flimsy rules here


ethos of rules is simple mechanisms and minimal dice use.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Additional Germans ....

 Some additional germans, some for use as sentries & similar

and some to make up a section on patrol..

A setup showing german patrol (mix of metals and plastics)....

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Frogmen ...

 I wanted some frogmen for future games,  difficult to see them as they would be underwater or just bobbing up on surface, possibly one on land ?

Anyhow I had dig through what I had, a modern mini action pose frogmen - will do for on land. For divers in the water I cut up some 1/72 Atlantic frogmen to have a couple with heads above water. Also made some gaming markers of disturbed surface water.  Air bubbles would be unlikely as rebreather equipment was in use.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

At a cafe in ...

In a little cafe somewhere in Nouvion, a lady in a beret speaking in hushed tones tries to persuade the proprieter to help her ... the cafe is is moderately busy ...

[a quick setup to see if I had a enough items for the interior of the cafe...; the upright piano in the corner is from Petite Properties 1/48th range]

Monday, October 19, 2020

Royal Navy ship's crew...

Finished some 20mm Royal Navy ship's crew (figs mostly Gunthwaite Miniatures plus some SGTs Mess),

They make an nice addition to my large ship model..

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Crew for MTB..

 Finally got around to making up a crew set for my water-lined Revell MTB..

[A couple of figures from Gunthwaite Miniatures, a Britannia Figure and a couple of modified ones from Seargent's Mess]

Sunday, October 4, 2020

British Landing Craft ....[LCAs + LCM(s)]

For use to pick up off a beach or part of a small coastal raid on France, have put together enough for a small landing ...I bought 3 resin LCAs from Grubby Tanks (Britannia Miniatures range), 

while looking at historical pics of LCAs came across the small LCM(S),  armed with mortar and dual machine guns. I thought it would be a nice addition, so made one up from cardboard, foam board and oddment bits of plastic....

Finished it off in the same paint scheme as the LCAs

 For troops in the landing craft I have painted up some Airfix commandos...