Sunday, July 31, 2016

A small coastal ship, WIP-4

The ship with its alternate deck arrangement completed, a hatch and a large crate on deck.
The crate can be removed and alternate items placed where it was. The initial alternate replacement for the crate is the 'crate unfolded' - revealing a large deck gun. The gun is constructed from plastic sprue and bits of plasticard, a pin through the base enables the gun to swivel.
so a Q-Ship of sorts to take on a submarine ...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The german build up continues ...

General von Tiddenheim is out on an inspection tour, to check on the status of his forces.

He stops briefly to watch some of the manouvres by one of his panzer divisions
then on to inspect one of the reconnaissance units...
[new items: Panzer I command tank and Panzer II;  two SDKfz250s and three amoured cars purchased at Bovington Wargames show and re-based on my new scheme]

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some 'very light' armoured support for the British

First up a small armoured car (die-cast model of a Russian armoured car, but suitable), for the use by the Home Guard...
A Bren carrier for the regulars ( picked up at Bovington Wargames show, a slight repaint to match my scheme)..

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Aircraft stands ....

I've been making some aircraft stands recently, mainly for some WW1 aircraft, but re-usable for WW2 as well.

a couple for the games table, for low flying aircraft (bases are tops from my partners empty makeup pots I'd been keeping, I knew they would be useful eventually...) . Hibachi skewers for the uprights which fit in a small hole drilled in the underside of the aircraft.
 something a little taller, with height variation. Adapted legs from a camera tripod, these extend up to 3 foot long; the tripod rubber foot is drilled out to take a small length of a Hibachi skewer. These bigger stands are for use in a larger area (outdoors or indoors), the variable height gives a visual portrayal of altitude

 Six of the big stands made up, enough for 3 planes each side.
 Need to find a suitable paint scheme for the bases.