Friday, November 11, 2016

Building a small railway station - WIP

One thing missing form my scenic railway items is a small station. I have enough OO/HO rolling stock for a small continental or british train.

I went to a model railway exhibition last weekend and got some cheap bits to make the station with,
- Ratio platform fencing
- Peco platform edging
- Hornby platform station building extension.

Pieces cut to size as needed and a trial layout done
Bases for the station made, on MDF base with cardboard riser - a thin piece of cardboard overlaps the railway line section base ...
 Platform edging stuck to section boards and thin card used to make a platform surface, on top of which will be stuck some Metcalfe paving sheet ...
 Need to pick up a few item:
- station building, if possible a french style one as well as a british one
- line side fencing
- a couple of signals
- some telegraph poles
A nice little shopping list for the next local Toy & Train fair.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trenches completed...

All the trench sections and associated bits & bobs have been finished off....

The gun emplacement
 a trio of pill-boxes
 the long trench set, with some of my home-made barbed wire in front