Sunday, October 7, 2018

1/72 Walrus - painted ...

I went for the simple pre-WW2 silver dope paint scheme (markings & decals to be added later... sometime ...); also useable for inter-war period (so could be used as piece in my adventure games).

The hand-crafted cockpit has come out reasonably well; in addition I made a short stand from a small lid and a wooden hibachi skewer.

Friday, October 5, 2018

1/72 Revell Walrus - WIP

I am working on a 1/72 Revell Walrus I picked up as an already started kit cheap off Ebay - the instructions, decals and cockpit glass piece were missing. Well it has been assembled (the struts for the engine are wrongly positioned, but look ok).

I have taken a bit off the bottom so it sits flat - ostensibly to represent it on water (with a weight in the nose). Currently making up the cockpit glass from clear plastic pieces.

I will be drilling a hole in the underside so that it can be put on a stand; it will mostly be used as a game backdrop/storyline item.