Friday, June 1, 2012

Home Guard Town (5) - Completed

I needed to have roads from the edge of the town to get to the gaming table sides; being lazy I cut up an old faded grey T shirt into 3 inch strips to match the road width on my town base boards - shown below is one of the T shirt road sections ..

Choosing a name for the town has been on my mind, finally thought up one which appeals to me
 Freazingham - by - the - Sea

East end of town showing pier etc; the church has been repainted and looks much better ...
The west end of the town..
The whole town, it takes up most of the table, but should be great for gaming,
as the town is on two boards I can separate it so can have east or west part on one side (or edge) of the table for more flexibility; perhaps the town should have a small harbour or nearby fishing village - I have a suitable coastal module design for my pirate games which could be re-used.
Finally some new recruits for the home guard, to add to my existing figures I've modified a couple of Valiant british infantry..
These look OK, so I'll do some more conversions.