Thursday, September 7, 2017

making the best of a battered JU52 - WIP

I picked up a very cheap JU52 of EBAY, in a sorry state with no propeller blades and with some loose bits .  So after sticking the loose bits back on, main issues were:
  • damaged tailplane, top of vertical stabiliser and the rudder missing, made repairs with some thin card with edges hardened with superglue.
  •  a missing wheel strut - a pice of thick wire and some green stuff for a basic repair
  •  cockpit glass - rather fogged with glue damage. 
sanded it down with wet and dry paper
then applied some gloss varnish - somewhat better 

Well with some basic repairs it sits level and looks ok enough for use as a backdrop/story line piece
will leave all the glue and filler to set hard and then paint it......