Friday, December 4, 2009

German Tanks finished ...

Another session and the initial lot of German tanks is finished. Actually more panthers than I planned, but finding them for sale at £2.50 each at a Toy &Train fair was too much temptation.


  1. Well for 1944, the ratio of Panthers to Pz 4's is correct......they should all be in dark yellow/camo by this period though

  2. Tank divisions usually had two batallions of tanks in 1944, one with Panthers and one with Panzer IV's. They weren't mixed in the respective units, but platoons from the different batallions could work together. As the division suffered more and more losses various kampfgruppes could be formed from remnants of platoons and repaired vehicles, which is when you start to see some strange mixes.

    Tigers however, were fielded in separate Heavy batallions to be used where they were needed the most by the overall corps.

    But they should really, really, really, be painted dunkelgelb (dark yellow) for Normandy.