Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trial painting of British and German infantry figs.

After finishing the russian tanks off this morning, I turned my attention to a few plastic figs (Valiant 1/72) which I had prepared for trial painting last month. A little smaller than the 25/28mm figs which I usually paint but I think I've not done too badly. Uniform colour may be off shade but I just want to have it approx right, not exactly right. First the 'British HQ'.....
Aha, looks the the germans are lost (?) ....


  1. Those Brits are a little too 'brown' perhaps, but as someone who used to wear the real thing many years ago, I can tell you that a) it's not too far off and b) "uniform" items are never the same shade! It varies with manufacturer, batch number and exposure to sunlight, so jackets coming from one source will be a different shade from pants or caps coming from another at a different time. The Brits (notably the Guards Armoured Div) used a lot of Canadian issued stock too, and Canadian BD was a distinctly greener shade, so feel free to mix and match!
    I mix my own khaki drab as I go along anyway and it gives quite a realistic finished look.