Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home Guard Town (3) - work on the pier

I managed to get my coastal modules set up on the gaming table last night and started work on the pier; I used a bit of spare MDF board cut to shape and for the underside I cut down an oversize plastic jetty from the oddments box and added some extra upright supports with hibachi skewers and cardboard
After that some railings made from cardboard; the pier awaits its building and a lick of paint ....
I also bought a police box from Hornby Skaledale range and actually finished painting a figure for the project - a policeman (from Irregular Miniatures).
Excuse me, where's the nearest toilet ?

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Very nice looking town, just the thing for street fighting...

I was just wondering... Could there be a town on the French coast, built along a similar plan -remarkably like Warrington-on-Sea, withal; astonishingly similar indeed - name of, oh, I don't know: Dieppe?

Just a thought... :-)