Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home Guard Platoon - on duty ...

 Finally completed painting the home guard platoon; set out blow in a little vignette - they are on the heathland to the the north of Freazinghan-by-the-Sea checking on reports of a parachutist.


Command group

can't see nowt...

 combing the heathland....


  1. They seek him here they seek him there?

  2. Good work Alan, really tidy chaps.

  3. Nice array of Models! I am a Modern Military Hobbyist and Wargamer and while I prefer Modern Military era stuff, your WWII models are pretty awesome!

    I like all your buildings and gameboards and the scenarios that you update and come up with. Just Google Connect with you!

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    I do Modern Military Model Kits, Warhammer, GHQ Wargaming miniatures (Not sure if you have heard of them) and other action figures and what not.

    Do feel free to check it out and conenct with me. Aside from that, GHQ miniatures also have the most vast array of WW2 miniatures. You probably can check it out to see if it can be applicable for your wargaming (:

    Cheers, mate!