Thursday, July 14, 2016

Aircraft stands ....

I've been making some aircraft stands recently, mainly for some WW1 aircraft, but re-usable for WW2 as well.

a couple for the games table, for low flying aircraft (bases are tops from my partners empty makeup pots I'd been keeping, I knew they would be useful eventually...) . Hibachi skewers for the uprights which fit in a small hole drilled in the underside of the aircraft.
 something a little taller, with height variation. Adapted legs from a camera tripod, these extend up to 3 foot long; the tripod rubber foot is drilled out to take a small length of a Hibachi skewer. These bigger stands are for use in a larger area (outdoors or indoors), the variable height gives a visual portrayal of altitude

 Six of the big stands made up, enough for 3 planes each side.
 Need to find a suitable paint scheme for the bases.