Saturday, May 5, 2018

28mm U-boat crew - WIP

Working on some 28mm U-boat crew. I've used the set from Empress Miniatures and a couple of other figs from some other packs for the 'on boat crew'
for a landing party I've bought a selection of figs from Empress Miniatures which will be tweaked as needed (I may not use all of the ones shown below)...


wackmole9 said...

Warlord has a U-boat crew on land set also

tidders said...

Yes, that's a nice set; there is also Artisan designs Grey Wolves (2 packs) from their thrilling tales range; Brigade Games has a nice lot of U-boat crew too.

I wanted to havesomething rather ad-hoc and maybe more generic which might have other uses which is why I went with my Empress Miniatures selection