Friday, June 1, 2018

naval ship build - ready for action ...

Finished the naval ship....

A good coat of battleship grey and some faded brown for the decks. I used a black marker pen to add the portholes, and a fine black felt tipped pen to indicate the door hinges/handle.

I used the U-Boat crew in the pictures below, look good enough for the ship too

the ship is generic and loosely based on a German M35 class minesweeper and could be used for any navy of the period.


  1. Wow ! That is one heck of a good scratchbuild.

  2. Nice and handy vessel for offshore work...

  3. The ship looks great. Hard to believe you built this from scratch.

  4. Holy cow, looks great. Now I have to go back and find your "building" posts.

  5. Fantastic. I've done similar with LCT's but you've beaten me to the punch on this. I'm going to redouble my efforts now. Thanks a lot for posting it.