Sunday, October 9, 2022

Action this Day.

  Later that evening the message was sent and received "Somewhere in England" (Check blog)

 But meanwhile whilst the RAF prepared to bomb the gun position.

   Alain Cardin, member of Charlie Group, was checking on his sheep a few miles North East of Nouvion.

    The Road Block was new, but his papers were good and he and Margarete  were allowed to pass.           As he walked down the road he checked his surroundings. The sentries on the bridge were in their normal positions, and would as usual move out of the way when the bell rang warning of a train approaching the narrow bridge.

As he checked on his small flock, a patrol passed by, apart from a quick look, they ignored him, recognising him from previous visits.

So Random patrols were still taking place , but there seemed no signs of heightened alert.

The best approach still seemed to be along the river bank.

Returning home to the other members of the group, they made their final plans for the attack.

To be continued.....

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