Thursday, February 11, 2016

Germans search the area ...

The germans are conducting random searches in the area where the convoy was attacked..
[New items - a section  of german infantry from Valiant (found hiding in a box of spares)]


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Hi Allan,

This is a lovely diorama type piece. Your header mentions wargaming - what rules do you use to play out your games? The models are terrific and the backdrop at table's edge is wonderful.
Good on you, lad!

tidders said...


For WW2 using 'Hit the Dirt' WW2 Skirmish Rules (obtained from

The backdrops do provide a sense of depth to the table and things look a lot better when taking picture of games. I originally added the backdrops to stop stuff falling over the edge of the gaming table (which is 3ft by 7ft6in longways against the wall/window). I'm on my second set of backdrops, these were sourced from Model Railway scenics.


Monty said...

Like it - looking good!