Thursday, February 25, 2016

Invasion Briefing...

The briefing room HQ Army Group C Normandy..  

{or the purposes of this Blog a fictional commander for Army Group C is used - General Von Tiddenheim- who also appeared in a couple of early blog posts on Somewhere in England  (e.g. A Planning Meeting ) }

Von Tiddenheim has just completed a briefing for the invasion of Britain, for Army Group C in the flank attack on Weymouth and adjoining areas....

Von Tiddenheim: thank you for your time gentlemen, I look forward to seeing your detailed plans for each division - 1st & 2nd waves etc - plus proposed drop zones for paratroops.

Von Tiddenheim returned to his office and checked his diary - inspections of troops, artillery and tanks filled most of days for the next week or so ....


  1. You could make a comic from these vignettes with speech bubbles and that. Very good and thanks for sharing.