Friday, March 20, 2020

Coastal Tanker (WIP) ....

I've been sorting through my reminder post-its by the modelling desk, one of which was ship with tanker deck.  I'd watched the film Above us the Waves the day before (which includes a sub taking on oil from a tanker) so I decided to make an alternate deck for my small coastal ship...

I cut a new deck base out of cardboard and put in a central walkway with a handrail from thin wire, then added some detail using oddments from the plastic bits-box...

I got out my home-made submarine to put alongside asking for a refill....
the sub also needs some work to give it a better look,  its a bit narrow  (showing a bit more of the hull would be nice)


  1. That's a great ship. Fully scratch built?

    1. The hull of the ship I picked up at a Toy & Train fair a long while back, the aft structure & bridge is scratch built and I used a couple of model ship bits for detailing.

      The other two deck options can be seen here..

    2. A nice third it a bit more of a modern look.